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Stories from the road: Golden Lake

Hello! It's Melanie G reporting in from the AAE Powwow Trail! This weekend we visited the Algonquin's of Pikwakanagan traditional powwow in Golden Lake,  one of our favourite places from last year.

melanie and gillian selfie

The drive up is very pretty and we noticed that some leaves have already started changing red! It was also chilly AND rainy, especially on Saturday. Even though it was pouring many dancers still chose to dance because they said it was their duty to. It was great to see these dancers giving it their all in the rain! We also saw some of our friends from our university. Shout out to all the Queen's ATEP teacher candidates we met!  Here are a couple photos they took from the day.

ATEP at golden lake pow wow


ATEP at golden lake pow wow 2

Gillian and I had dinner along the water and visited some of the local shops. We had some amazing cinnamon rolls from a local bakery - YUM! On Sunday it was much more sunny and the powwow was in full swing! We saw some of our friends from other powwows again and had a good time visiting with them and hearing what they had been up to.

After the rain cleared, it turned out to be another amazing weekend and as usual we can' wait to see what the next powwow brings!


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