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Stories from the road: Six Nations

Hi everyone, this is Gillian from the AAE team. This weekend Sabrina and I attended the Six Nations ‘Champion of Champions’ pow wow on the Grand River. This pow wow was absolutely huge! We talked to so many people, saw familiar faces, and met many new friends as well.

The bridge building activity was again a huge success. This weekend our friend Jessica and her brother Dakota used their sibling rivalry to see who could build the strongest bridge, out of one piece of paper.  Jessica who is only five years old built the strongest bridge, which held our whole bag of rocks and 5 view books! 



I was fortunate enough the see all my family at the pow wow. Like Jessica and Dakota, my brother and I challenged eachother to see who could build the strongerst bridge.  My little brother Thomas (to the right of me) was excited to take on this challenge. Luckily, I have been doing this for a while and gaining tips from my friends along the pow wow trail and was able to build the stronger bridge, however mine only held one more rock than Thomas’ did!                  


Sabrina and I came across a problem. Our little animals that travel with us and help us tell the Nanabush story were on display this weekend. This little guy fueled quite a discussion, we could not figure out what kind of animal this little guy looks like? Is this furry creature a badger, an otter, a muskrat, or a meerkat?


All in all we had a blast and kept very busy talking to all kinds of great people.  This coming weekend Sabrina, Alyssa, and I are going to Wasauksing for their annual pow wow. Hope to see you there. 


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