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About Us

We Are…

Indigenous Futures in Engineering located at Queen's University.

We know…

Indigenous communities are growing. They need more housing and hospitals; improved roads and runways; safe sewage and water treatment. To support this growth, they need people who know the communities and can build the future while honouring the past: teachers and doctors, politicians and nurses, entrepreneurs and engineers.

We work…

with the engineering profession and academic institutions, as well as government and business to develop programming which will encourage Indigenous youth to stay in school and pursue post-secondary studies in the pure and applied sciences. Most importantly, we work with Indigenous communities - students, teachers, parents, elders and leaders - from across Canada to ensure that the programming we produce is relevant and meets the needs and expectations of the community. Cooperative partnerships of this kind are crucial.

We deliver…

culturally relevant programming to Indigenous youth and their teachers in remote, rural, urban and semi-urban areas. Indigenous Futures in Engineering has run summer camps, participated in career days and developed materials for use in schools. Current and on-going projects include:

  • On campus student support for students at Queen’s University
  • Community outreach through NSERC’s PromoScience initiative
  • Curriculum materials aimed at all grade levels
  • Interesting publications encouraging Indigenous youth to consider a future in engineering
  • and much more!

We also…

have an evolving on-line community where our materials are available in interactive formats. Students, teachers and community members can find role models, news, puzzles and more. Outreach is another large part of programming, as it allows our network to expand and grow. InEng participates in local, regional, national and international events such as conferences and career fairs.

We offer…

a program unique within Canada. We balance both on-campus support for current Indigenous engineering students with an eye to the future development of younger generations, by providing programs and resources for students at the elementary and secondary levels to encourage them to stay in school and keep studying math and science.

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