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InSTEM@Home 2021


Welcome to InSTEM @ Home!


We are Indigenous certified teachers who are offering free STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and Engineering Design Workshops that align with the Ontario Science Curriculum for grades 1-8.

We offer three workshops for each grade. Each workshop includes materials kits for each student, instructions and an assessment checklist for the teacher, which is all FREE!  

We concentrate on the engineering design process.

We support critical thinking and imagination.

We align to the big ideas in the Science curriculum.

We currently offer two different workshop models:
1. Virtual Workshops (we would virtually come into your classroom and lead the workshops for you)
2. Home Kits- for students to do on their own (instructions will be included in their kits)

Check out offerings and FAQs.

 Our Workshops at a Glance: 

Curriculum Strands

Understanding Life Systems

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Understanding Matter and Energy

Understanding Earth and Space Systems

Grade 1

Daily and Seasonal Changes: Weather Station

Material Objects and Everyday Structures: Helping the Harvest

Energy in Our Lives: Flying High!


Grade 2

Growth and Changes in Animals: The Code of Growth


Run, Marble, Run! 


Air and Water in the Environment: Water is Life-Clean Water By Me

Grade 3

Growth and Changes in Plants: Can You Help Me Grow?

Strong and Stable Structures: Having a Good Mind- Helping our Animal Friends

Forces Causing Movement: Run, Marble, Run: It’s About Time


Grade 4

Habitats and Communities: No Place Like Home

Pulleys and Gears: Gearing up the Pulley Run

Light and Sound: Drum Roll Please


Grade 5

Human Organ Systems: Modelling Heart and Lungs


Properties and Changes in Matter: I’ve Got Gas – observing chemical change

Conservation of Energy: Let’s Spring into Action – design and build an elastic band powered vehicle

Grade 6

Biodiversity: Finding a Closer Way to See

Flight: Paper Airplane Design and Testing

Electricity: Lemon v. Potato

Space: Sundial – Charting the Walk

Grade 7

Interactions in the Environment: May the Forest Be with You


Pure Substances and Mixtures: Don’t Be Salty – Building a Separation Apparatus

Heat in the Environment: Too Cool for School – experiments in insulation

Grade 8

Cells: Am I a Plant or an Animal – designing cells

Systems in Action: You Can Add Arm – designing and building a pneumatic or hydraulic arm

Fluids: The Force flows through Fluid Dynamics

Water Systems: The Force flows through Fluid Dynamics


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much for workshops?

Workshops are free. All supplies and materials are included when you book a workshop at no cost.

How do I book a workshop?

You can contact us by email to book your free workshop, aboriginal.access.outreach@queensu.ca
We will need your name, your school, grade and workshop title.

What is included in kits?

Most supplies are included in the kits as well as a lesson plan. We will let you know upon booking if there are any supplies that we are unable to mail.

How much time in advance do I need to book a workshop?

For workshops that are in Southern Ontario we ask for a 2 week window from ordering to receiving your kits. For schools that are further away we ask for 3-4 weeks. We use UPS for shipping so our timeframes are based off their schedule.

How many workshops can I book?

You can book as many workshops as you would like, there are no limits on number of workshops.

How long are workshops?

Workshops vary in length. Grades 1-4 workshops are 1h with some additional time for a review. Grades 5-8 workshops are an 1h 30mins with a second meeting for a review of big ideas.

How do the facilitators connect?

Once the schedule is set up, our facilitators will join as guests based on the video conferencing system you use in school. Our facilitators have experience with both Google Meet and Zoom. 

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