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Hockey & Engineering

Here we explore the relationship between hockey and engineering, beginning with this video of Caitlyn Lahonen, who graduated from chemical engineering in 2017.

Caitlyn, who is Metis, came to Queen's University from Saskatoon. She was the starting goalie for the Queen's Golden Gaels varsity women's hockey team.


As a varsity goalie, Caitlyn relies on engineering to keep her safe. In our second video of the series we spoke with Dr. Tim Bryant of the Queen's Mechanical and Materials Engineering department. Tim's background in both hockey and biomechanical engineering make him an expert in bringing the two worlds together.

In this video Cailtyn speaks to the importance of giving back to the community through her involvement in hockey training camps for youth. As a varsity athlete, she is an excellent role model!

Third-year engineering studies as well as being a starting goalie for the varsity women's hockey team can make for a busy schedule. This Day In the Life video follows Caitlyn from the moment she rises, through classes, to the rink and then back home.


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