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Infrastructure Development

Kahnawake (Quebec)

Hi, my name is Jerilyn Horne. I am from Kahnawake, Quebec, a reserve just south of Montreal. You can see Kahnawake on the map below. This summer I worked as a summer student researcher for the Native Access to Engineering Programme. I have been associated with the project since the pilot run of Engineering Explorations summer science camp in 1994. This fall, I will be entering my first year at Concordia University in the four-year Early Childhood Education Programme.

This summer, my reserve has been going through quite a few changes. Our roads have been undergoing heavy construction. They are not only being re-paved but curbs and sidewalks are being added for convenience and to give the town a face-lift. Although paving roads is quite a routine, seasonal task for construction workers everywhere, the engineers in my community have been busy. They are responsible for providing accurate measurements, reading blue prints and at the same time changing our water pipes. The maintenance and improvement of the reserve's infrastructure is not only providing a new, cleaner look to the town but more importantly is providing a greater sense of security - when the new piping system is finished we will have cleaner, purer tap water in our homes.

There are also several other projects in different stages of development in Kahnawake. The largest is the development of a Hotel/Cultural lodge. This project is scheduled to begin in May 1999 and is aimed at increasing tourism in Kahnawake. The entire tourist site will include among other things, a museum/interpretation center, a sugar shack, riding stables, nature trails, bed & breakfasts, and a stadium. Although the site has not been finalized, a lot of 110 acres along one of the routes in the reserve has been proposed. Environmental assessments will be done before any site is chosen.

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