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Joamie School

Iqualuit (Nunavut)

So little is understood about the North; how we live, what languages are spoken, the cost of living, the environment, the cultures, the political economy of the Arctic.... we felt it necessary to help educate the rest of the world about us.

Joamie the man...

Joamie played an important role in establishing the community of Iqaluit. In 1940, the American Armed Forces arrived in Frobisher Bay intending to set up a base of operations for the World War 2 effort. They had unsuccessfully tried to find suitable land in Lake Harbour. Discussions with Joamie and Tigullagaq eliminated a place called Sarraq as a possible selection as Joamie felt the area wasn't suitable due to high winds and soft mud. Joamie and Tigullagaq thought the flat land of Iqaluit was the best place on Frobisher Bay. So, it was decided to set up the base in this area. Originally, the base and subsequent town was called Frobisher Bay, but later became known as Iqaluit.

Shortly after the base was established, the Hudson's Bay Company wanted to relocate to Iqaluit. Joamie was instrumental in helping them move.

Joamie was a respected and kind man, who felt it was his responsibility to provide meat for widows and the needy. His cooperation and exploration in the early days resulted in the foundation of our community.

Joamie School is named in his honor.

Joamie School History and Accomplishments:

  • Joamie School opened its doors in 1989. It became the first school in Canada to reach Earth Status, having completed 1000 environmental projects under the SEEDS Foundation (Society Environment & Energy Development Studies). Joamie is a Green School.
  • Joamie Staff received the Hilroy Fellowship Award for "The Greening of Joamie" in 1994. Joamie was featured in the April '94 issue of OWL Magazine. "Above and Beyond, "Imperial Oil Review", a text book on Nunavut (Lerner Publications) and another on the environment (Ginn) feature Joamie's accomplishments.
  • The Joamie School team received Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in teaching Math, Science, and Technology in 1995.

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The above article has been slightly modified from the Joamie School Web Site the content of which is developed completely by students. In February 1996, when they began this project, Joamie School was the only school in the Baffin Region to have a web site.

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