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Siobhan Dooley

Siobhan Dooley
Oji-Cree, St.Theresa Point First Nation
B.Sc Chemical Engineering
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As a high school student in Sioux Lookout, Siobhan Dooley excelled at math and science, and had a love of sports. Thanks to the good advice of a caring teacher, she decided to pursue her passion and study engineering. Not that she knew what engineering was all about, but the idea of being an engineer seemed to fit with her interests and passion.

“ I enjoy problem solving and I had an idea that engineering involved a lot of problem solving,” says Siobhan.

Having spent all her life in northern Ontario, Siobhan wanted to broaden her world and applied to universities in southern Ontario, deciding that even Sudbury was too far north for her tastes. Queen’s was on her list of universities, and as it turned out, her final choice. She entered her first year in 2007 and in her second year, chose to specialize in Engineering Chemistry.

Slightly troubled, yet undeterred by her decision in third year to change her major to Chemical Engineering – “Engineering Chemistry led to more theory than I wanted” – she sought support from the Four Directions Indigenous Centre and in her final year, the Queen’s Aboriginal Access to Engineering Program, which had just begun.  There she found people just like her, students who were balancing a demanding work load with a busy extra-curricular life, while having to make important life decisions.

Drawing on her problem solving skills, Siobhan applied those same skills to building a network of friends and mentors, something she credits to her success as a student and a young engineer. And this is the message, she sends to future engineering students.

“Studying at university is no walk in the park. There’s a huge transition from high school to university and you need to be willing to put in the effort,” she says. “It’s just as important to seek out your community, because you’re going to need it when times get tough. And when you achieve success, there’s someone to celebrate with.”

Siobhan’s dedication and determination has paid off. After graduating in 2012, she is now an engineer-in-training with Hatch Ltd. in Sudbury, and will be taking her professional exams in April of this year.

And what her other passion, sports?  Siobhan has sought out a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts in her adopted city of Sudbury. When she’s not on the job, you can find her playing recreational hockey, volleyball, or on a roller derby track, honing her athletic skills and revelling in a lively team environment.


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