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Caitlyn Lahonen

Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
Program of study: 
When I first heard about engineering: 

With my Dad being an engineer I heard about engineering often at a young age, especially when he would help me with my homework. I had my first real engineering experience when I went to “Take Your Kid to Work Day” with my Dad. I got to go to the office and learn about what Engineers really do.

Why I chose my school and program: 

I chose Queen’s for many reasons, the first being the great reputation the school has but also because of its beautiful campus, great hockey program, the incredible school spirit, and its amazing history. I chose my program because I loved chemistry and math and chemical engineering really put those two subjects together. I was also always very interested in learning how things were made in the industry and the process side of chemical engineering really gave me the basic knowledge as to how many things are processed in the real world.    

Lastly, I chose Queen’s and Engineering because my Dad attended Queen’s and graduated with a Geological Engineering Degree. I always looked up to my Dad and he was one of the biggest role models in my life.

What I like most about engineering: 

I love how engineering challenges you to investigate and come up with innovative ways to make things better for the world around us. I also really enjoy how engineering allows you to not just focus on the technical aspects of a project but it also allows you to be involved in other aspects like economics and community engagements.

Where you will find me outside of classes: 

Outside of class you would find me mostly at the hockey rink. Whether I was playing for the Women’s Varsity Hockey Team or volunteering I spent a lot of time on the ice. If I wasn’t found at the rink I would be hanging out with friends or exploring the never ending adventures Kingston has to offer.

My inspiration: 

My biggest inspiration would be my parents. They always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and take full advantage of every learning opportunity I had. They always taught me to work hard but to always have fun doing whatever I was doing. There never ending love and support has helped me persue many of my dreams and become the person I have today.


2019 Update

Caitlyn graduated from Queen's in 2016. She is currently an Engineer-in-Training at Nutrien in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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