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Oke Maracle

Mohawks of Kehnteke (Tyendinaga)
Program of study: 
When I first heard about engineering: 

In my first year of college I was enrolled in an Architectural Technologist program because I wanted to design buildings and produce drawings. After one year, I looked into Civil Engineering and discovered that engineers are the people who design and make architectural ideas come to life.

Why I chose my school and program: 

I chose my program because I’ve been interested in building and designing with structural steel for a long time. Civil engineering allows me to have a broad knowledge of different areas of infrastructure that everyone uses everyday including the design of buildings and bridges. Queen’s was my choice because of the reputation of the school, history, and it was also the closest university to my home and family. I was also interested because of the newly formed Aboriginal Access to Engineering program that began the same time that I started at Queen’s.

What I like most about engineering: 

I like how engineering challenges people to discover and investigate new ways to make things work and to develop new processes that will benefit the world around us. Some of the most difficult problems facing the world are researched and solved by engineers and engineering students.

Where you will find me outside of classes: 

Most study time was spent at the AAE room (with treats at exam time) and outside of class or you would find me hanging out with housemates playing guitar and enjoying the day. In the winter months skating around Victoria Park was always a good activity.

My inspiration: 

My inspiration would be my mother. A single mother was able to raise children as well as attending school to complete and undergraduate degree, a teaching degree, and to complete grad school. She has encouraged me with any of the endeavours I have taken and has been there for support along the way.

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