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Infrastructure Development


Kahnawake, Quebec is a reserve near Montreal. A few years ago this reserve was going through some changes. There was construction on the roads to make them paved and create sidewalks for people to walk on. The engineers in Kahnawake were busy! They had to measure properly, read blueprints and change water pipes. The town now looks like new but more importantly it is providing the people of Kahnawake with security. With the new pipe system their water will be clean to drink!

There are also several other projects in different stages of development in Kahnawake. The largest is the creation of a Hotel/Cultural lodge. This project began in May 1999 and is aimed to increase visitors in Kahnawake. The entire tourist site includes a museum/interpretation center, a sugar shack, riding stables, nature trails, bed & breakfasts, and a stadium. Before they began work on the projects, they had to make sure it was safe for the environment.

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