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More outreach staff!


Hi everyone! I'm Jen General and this is my second year working with AAE Summer Outreach. I'm so excited to be getting out and doing more hands-on workshops this summer! I graduated from Ottawa U in 2015 and now I'm a student at Seneca College studying Behavioural Science. Because I like travelling and meeting new students, I am excited to be visiting so many day camps this year and promting how science can be a lot of fun!


Hello!  I'm Kaitlyn Brant and I have just graduated from geological engineering at Queen's. This is my first summer working with AAE and I'm excited to see what the program can bring to each different community. I hope to inspire kids to love science (and rocks) as much as I do, through our exciting hands-on workshops.  We are planning some really cool stuff...stay tuned!

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