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August 2016

Week 7 - Chemistry

This week we took to the road with some exciting chemistry activities for the youth. Campers enjoyed being creative and making a mess while making play-doh and elephant toothpaste. They were able to see how household groceries can be mixed and react to create new substances with different appearances and properties.

Week 6 - Robotics!

This week we took to the road to explore the world of LEGO WeDo 2.0 robotics with campers! We explained the concepts of robots and their applications in the real world.  We then explored how it is possible to construct robots from Lego. From there, we moved into programming via the WeDo software app for iPad. These particular robots use Bluetooth technology to communicate with the programmers’ iPads.  The campers learned various aspects of coding in order to make the robots move forward and backwards, change the lights colours, and make noises.

Week 5 - Structures

This week we decided to test the campers’ creativity and team work skills with fun building stations that allowed students to design and build anything they could think of! The campers got to experience different stations that allowed them to develop and work on specific skills and problem solving.

Week 4 - Solar Energy

It’s the 4th week on the road for us – already half over, can’t believe it! This past week we worked with the campers to explore the power of the sun. Together we discussed the concepts of the sun's renewable energy, photovoltaic cells, and the role that solar energy plays in modern times. The students were then able to directly see the impacts of the sun's energy by making UV lizards and constructing their own solar ovens to cook s'mores.

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