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Week 5 - Structures

This week we decided to test the campers’ creativity and team work skills with fun building stations that allowed students to design and build anything they could think of! The campers got to experience different stations that allowed them to develop and work on specific skills and problem solving.

The first activity was not only a building activity, but it also emphasized their communication and team work skills. Students were put into groups of three or four and given the task of stacking cups in the shape of the pyramid. The challenge was to do this without their hands touching the cups! Winning teams were asked to come make another design for the group to race to complete, but had to keep in mind that they had to make the cup structure too. We were pleased with everyone’s communication skills along with their stacking abilities!

After the cup challenge, campers worked independently to make their very own catapult out of popsicle sticks and elastics. Once construction was done, campers were given the option to put a basket to hold their pompoms in place while they were aiming. They had lots fun seeing who could launch their pompoms further as well as seeing whose went the highest!

We finished off with a variety of stations which allowed the campers to explore KEVA planks, Gravity Maze, Straws and Connectors, and make-your-own construction hat. Overall it was a great week for us seeing everyone have fun. We saw some very creative structures, plus the cooperation and teamwork displayed was awesome! 

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