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July 2017

Chemistry Week

We’re back from Chemistry week! Campers did lots of experiments this week. They started by seeing a chemical reaction up close with elephant toothpaste - we carefully mixed our ingredients and dyed them fun colors, then we went outside and watched it expand out of our bottles, in an exothermic reaction that creates fun foam too!

Flight Week

This week is Flight Week. We designed structures to cradle and protect an egg when we dropped it from different heights. Campers found a wide range of ways to approach the problem and constructed structures with combinations of parachutes, padding and various types of cradles for the egg.  

Astronauts Week

Now that all of our partner day camps are running, we did a full week of programming at camps in Ahkwesahsne, Kanehsatake, and Tyendinaga! This week was Astronauts Week, and campers made bike pump bottle rockets and did astronaut training in our dizzy obstacle course.

Engineering Week

We’re back from our first week on the road, Engineering Week! Our campers in Kanehsatake learned about the role of mining engineers and how they work to protect the environment by extracting precious metals and rocks from the earth while causing as little damage as possible. Campers tried their hand at mining the chocolate chip “diamonds” out of their cookies without crumbling the earth around it, then they snacked on their cookies when they were finished-yum!

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