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Engineering Week

We’re back from our first week on the road, Engineering Week! Our campers in Kanehsatake learned about the role of mining engineers and how they work to protect the environment by extracting precious metals and rocks from the earth while causing as little damage as possible. Campers tried their hand at mining the chocolate chip “diamonds” out of their cookies without crumbling the earth around it, then they snacked on their cookies when they were finished-yum!

Then the youth got creative and designed homes for animals using 3D pens. The kids experimented with different kinds of structures and tested out different approaches to building them so they’d stand up and be ready for their animals to move in.

They also had time to experiment with the lego robotics kit, making their own structures. Some campers figured out how the pieces would have to fit together to allow the vehicles they built to roll. Everyone had loads of fun!

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