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Chemistry Week

We’re back from Chemistry week! Campers did lots of experiments this week. They started by seeing a chemical reaction up close with elephant toothpaste - we carefully mixed our ingredients and dyed them fun colors, then we went outside and watched it expand out of our bottles, in an exothermic reaction that creates fun foam too!

Next we explored the properties of solids and liquids when we played with our cornstarch and water solutions. It was solid when we grabbed it but then pours out of our hands like a liquid when we let go. All the campers had fun experimenting with it and getting slimed up!

In Kanehsatake this week, campers learned how different materials can be combined to form something new with different properties. We gave them different common items from their kitchens, salt, flour, oil, and water and then combined them to make their own play dough to bring home.

In Tyendinaga, we got to see how materials change properties with temperature, we made our own ice cream in a bag. We measured our ingredients, and then shook Afterwards we topped our creations off with sprinkles and had a sweet treat to end the day.

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