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Week 4 - Solar Energy

It’s the 4th week on the road for us – already half over, can’t believe it! This past week we worked with the campers to explore the power of the sun. Together we discussed the concepts of the sun's renewable energy, photovoltaic cells, and the role that solar energy plays in modern times. The students were then able to directly see the impacts of the sun's energy by making UV lizards and constructing their own solar ovens to cook s'mores.


Students were provided cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, black poster paper, glue sticks, and duct tape to build their ovens. During the build, students were encouraged to consider different designs for the shape of the oven and the angle of the flaps to collect as much sun as possible. S'mores were put together and placed on the black paper inside when the oven was complete, and the ovens were placed outside to cook.

While the s'mores were heating, we guided the students in a quick beading activity using pony beads and special UV beads that change color when exposed to sunlight. At the end of the activity everyone had their own lizard keychain that changed color in the sun, allowing the students to see the impact that the sun can have right before their eyes. We enjoyed our s'mores together and hit the road for the next camp!

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