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Week 6 - Robotics!

This week we took to the road to explore the world of LEGO WeDo 2.0 robotics with campers! We explained the concepts of robots and their applications in the real world.  We then explored how it is possible to construct robots from Lego. From there, we moved into programming via the WeDo software app for iPad. These particular robots use Bluetooth technology to communicate with the programmers’ iPads.  The campers learned various aspects of coding in order to make the robots move forward and backwards, change the lights colours, and make noises. Some students even recorded their own voices to be integrated into the programming! Campers built the Milo starter robot, and then we moved on to building the frog and the racecar robots as designed by Lego.

The campers were very immersed in the building process and extremely excited to program their robots and make them work! With the second build, a racecar, campers wanted to continue to improve upon making the car drive faster. They worked hard and became more aware of how they could input their own builds and modifications to achieve this result.

Overall, an awesome week out in the communities!



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