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Robotics Week

This week was robotics week! We also had Nicole join us as Mr G (Justin) was away for a well-deserved break. Check out our Oka Ferry selfie!

Campers explored LEGO WeDo and saw how the pieces fit together and how these different parts worked together as a whole. Together we built a robot tadpole, then added pieces to transform it into a frog, campers had fun with the coding and found frog croaks to add to their program alongside the hopping forward and backwards.

Next they made the Milo space rover and had fun racing them forward and back when they were done. At the end campers who had extra time explored ways to make their own vehicles, some followed instructions and made helicopters, cranes or other creations while some figured out how to make their own designs work.

We also had lots of fun with our Dash robots, which gave the campers more freedom in coding. They learned how robots need to be communicated with through codes on computers and customized their coding to make Dash dance, race, play their voice recordings, and learned to combine sequences of actions to solve puzzles they were given. Some even learned how to make Dash respond differently depending on environment cues.

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