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Stories from the road: Curve Lake

She:kon, it's Melanie, checking in after my road trip to Curve Lake Pow-Wow.  I've always wanted to attend this event, but being a later September pow-wow it's always been difficult to schedule - 2015 was our year though!  Partnering with Stephanie Landers from the Ontario Waterpower Association, we headed out to Curve Lake to set up at their beautiful waterfront pow-wow. The weather was looking iffy, but that didn't stop a big crown from coming out - some of the best work at the vendors I've seen in a while, and a wide variety of food items to choose from.

OWA brought their renewable energy display, allowing our visitors to generate power through a variety of renewable sources and light up a little town - including offices and schools. It was great to see the kids' reactions when Stephanie would turn on the energy-efficient lighting - big difference in how much power was needed!

Once again a favourite activity was our KEVA plank builder's table, challenging kids to create 3D models from 2D persepctive drawings.  Always some amazing creations that get turned out by our mini-engineers.

Alas, the weather didn't hold off all day - a strong thunderstorm plowed through the pow-wow at about 3pm, sending our tent flying and breaking off one of the legs!!! The power of nature sent us packing, as winds and heavy rain poured down. Definitely an event I will never forget...we were soaked to the bone, but enjoyed the comraderie of set-up and pack-down in such wild conditions.


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