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Stories from the road: Kettle & Stoney Point

Alyssa again!

This weekend Sabrina and I travelled to Kettle and Stoney Point to attend their pow wow. The weekend got off to a hot and stuffy start with a couple extra hours of traffic added on to our drive on Friday. I think everyone was trying to get to their weekend destinations to enjoy the excellent weather conditions, just like us. We would have much rather already been at the pow wow at that point, but we got there eventually.  Here's all our gear, packed in the back seat.

back seat

The Chippewas of Kettle & Stoney Point reserve is on Lake Huron in Southeastern Ontario, past London, closer to Sarnia.

On Saturday, upon pulling up to the pow wow grounds, Sabrina and I were thoroughly impressed. The location of the grounds was beautiful; it was right by the lake near a little beach, and was nice and shaded by tall trees. We had a great spot. We were right next to the circle where all the dancers would be! It is the closest we have been to the circle so far this summer, and we really enjoyed being able to watch all the dancers from our booth.

booth shot

We had a lot of parents stop by on the first day, and they were all excited to grab comics and activity books at our booth. We spoke with a woman for about half an hour about her thirty years as a teacher in the area, and she seemed really excited about our program and some of the new projects we’re working on this year. She signed up for our free newsletter that provides lesson plans and activities for educators.

Sunday we had a lot of kids stop by to complete our activities. One kid was really excited about our ‘Build a Diving Board’ activity where you make a diving board out of dominoes without gluing them together; she worked on it for at least 20 minutes and was really good at changing her design to make the structure work better.

kettle stoney point girl

All in all, it was an excellent weekend, and we’d love to return next year. Look out for another “Stories from the road” entry from the States next week, when Gillian and I visit the Seneca pow wow!




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