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Stories from the road: Port Hope

Hi everyone! This is Lea from the AAE team. This past weekend Melanie, the director of AAE, and I attended the second annual Port Hope pow wow.

port hope booth

Although we encountered some heavy rainfall, we did manage to receive lots of beautiful sunshine! This new and growing pow-wow kicked off on Saturday, welcoming visitors, dancers and all new faces!

It was quite a success, as on Saturday all the kids wanted to put their civil engineering skills to the test by continuously building a ‘connects’ log house. Also, the colouring book was the best success, having many wonder ‘What Engineers Do’ and, of course, parents and adults had many questions and appeared impressed with our work, wanting all the comic books, including alumni! It is always a pleasure to meet and chat with Queen’s alumni on the road!

port hope 2

The late afternoon rain seemed to hamper attendance and slowly put an end to the pow wow, which meant we had quite the task—to pack up as fast and efficiently as we could in hopes the rain wouldn't ruin everything, before we hit the road. It was accomplished!

On our way home to Kingston Melanie and I stopped at The Big Apple in Colborne. You know the one I'm talking about. Ribs and pie, how could we not stop? It was my first time ever there and let’s just say that my eyes are much bigger than my stomach. I even tried my first chocolate pizza! It really was good to experience the success of a local business. This roadside stop for dinner on the way home was well worth it. The Big Apple will be seeing a lot more of me. Finally, we headed out on the road again. By this time the skies had cleared up, which made for a nice drive through  Belleville, Tyendinaga, and Napanee.

port hope 3

port hope 4

After a long and exciting day we returned satisfied and looking forward to the next pow wow. Look for us June 17-21 in Ottawa! Thanks for checking in and keeping up with the AAE crew!

See you next time!!! 




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