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Stories from the Road: Scugog

Scugog 5

Lea Here!

This past weekend Jen and I had the pleasure of attending the Port Perry Scugog Pow Wow. This time we started the weekend of with an early morning drive down to the grounds on Saturday, for set up and preparation for Grand Entry. It was a beautiful day for a Pow Wow and was a great space, allowing all the vendors to be able to see Grand Entry.

Once it started, the crowds really started to roll in. We had many people come to our booth with many questions and interests and many adults wanted to give our building challenges a go, becoming quite competitive. It was also nice to see a bunch of youth from Youth in Policing join us. At first everyone was confused because it was like an army marching in. We then learned there were only 75 of them (not an army), but they were very easy to spot in their grey shirts! They seemed to have lots of fun and for many of them it was their first Pow Wow. As the day went on the heat got stronger and there was no wind, so many people sought out the shade under our tent. It was said to be plus 30 not including humidity. So many kids stayed at our booth the whole day, and didn't want to leave when their parents called them... I don't blame them. After the day was done and the heat got the best of us we packed up and headed back to our hotel.  Jen and I went for a nice outside dinner and movie. The air conditioning in the theatre was very refreshing and needed after the day in the heat.

Sunday started off with a bit of overcast but surely the sun persevered and shined through, calling for another extremely hot day. The first half of the day was very lively and many people came. One lady came to tell us about her grandson. He will be the first one to go to university in the family and wants to go into engineering. A great choice of course! She was so happy to hear about AAE and said he was considering Queen's. Hopefully we will see him at Queen’s come 2016! Toward the end of the day we got to watch a competition where people had to walk around and dance while keeping a potato in between their heads (warning: it is harder than it looked!) As the day came to an end, we packed up and headed back on the road for Kingston! The drive was very interesting, as it had rained so much and the sun was shining so strong that you couldn’t see, but Jen is quite the driver!

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend at the Scugog Pow Wow and look forward to going back! Thank you Anne and everyone for having us! Next week Kim, Jen, and I will be up at Six Nations for the Grand River Pow Wow. See you there!

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