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Stories from the road: Silver Lake

Hello again, from Jenn and Nicole!

We are sad to announce that this was our last powwow of the summer season. It's back to school time for everyone, including the summer team! This powwow was being held at Silver Lake Provincial Park, if you are unsure of where that is, it is an hour north of Kingston. This was a special powwow for me, as I got the opportunity to work with my sister and show her what I do.  The Silver Lake powwow was a small one but it was very friendly and we felt welcomed among the Algonquin community. Silver Lake is a beautiful place and we went canoeing while we were there, it was peaceful and breathtaking.


We were super happy to see so many kids at our booth. These kids kept coming up with some really creative designs, some of the kids made rocket ships out of the straws and connectors while other kids were being really creative with the blocks. We were so happy to see the determination that these kids had when challenging themselves with the harder structures to build. We are proud to say that these kids really know what hard work is and they know to keep trying and to never give up! It was so much fun build with you and to talk and get to know all you boys and girls. We wish you all the best in the future school year and we hope to see you all again next year! 

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