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Stories from the Road: Six Nations

She:kon! This is Lea from the AAE team. This weekend Jen, Kim and I attended the Six Nations pow wow on the Grand River! This pow wow was one of the busiest ones we’ve been to all summer. It was lively, busy, and we got to see so many new and familiar faces! Overall it was a wonderful time!

The weekend started off with a very long Friday evening drive to Hamilton, as that is where we were staying, due to an accident. It made for a very scenic drive on Hwy 2! Saturday we had an early start. It was a very busy day so hydration was key, as it was extremely hot outside. However, we were lucky to be one of the few vendors that got to set up in a shaded area. Of course as soon as we set up Kailani and Keanu were the first to come running and ready to do some Keeva block brain challenges, always wanted to do one harder and harder each time.

All the kids that came were so quick to think and impressed us with their building skills and how their imaginations can be so useful! Due to the heat most of the kids gathered and wanted to complete the activity book “What Engineers Do” with Jen, because she can draw the best! Patience, who is only two, was able to do most of the book and comprehend it all. Future engineer? We hope!

Sunday was a bit slower than Saturday but still very busy and most of the kids stayed with us the whole day, I think it was because they liked the challenges and the shade! When it was time to head home they all excitedly asked if they would see us next week, we said, “We hope!"

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and a great spot for a Pow wow! Next time we will be in Jen’s home community of Tyendinaga! Hope to see you there!


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