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Stories from the road: Southeast Scarborough (Eastview JPS)

Back again! Jenn and Lea here to tell you all about our time at the Southeast Scarborough pow wow. We had an awesome time meeting the students of Eastview Junior Public School (and a few others) on Wednesday! Attendance was amazing and it was great to interact with the students. 

As soon as we got there, we quickly set up two different stations where students learned how to make their very own construction hats or folded one of our very popular Ancestral Engineering cootie catchers! We talked with lots with teachers, guidance councillors and youth workers who were interested in including more in their teaching about both Aboriginal and engineering studies. OUr tent also had some independent stations where students had the opportunity to build anything that they could imagine- we saw towers, ramps, bridges and even a castle over the course of the afternoon.


It was very encouraging to drive down the street for lunch (at 2:30 - told you we were busy!) and see the sidewalks filled with students that were wearing their yellow AAE construction hats. It was wonderful to be able to join the pow wow music and dances while educating students through fun games and activities. We will definitely be back next year to take part in this eventful day!

On the way back to Kingston we ended our day at the Big Apple once more, and this time Jenn and Melanie climbed all the way to the top of the Big Apple itself and out to the observation deck where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Next we walked to the petting zoo and fed a llama, sheep, lambs, goats, rabbits, chickens and even ducks. There was also mini golfing and bocce ball games that could be played but we had to get back on the road back to Kingston.


This was a wonderful day filled with learning and we are certain we will be seeing Eastview Junior Public School again soon! 

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