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Stories from the Road: Tyendinaga

Tyendinaga 1

Hello all! This past weekend Lea and I travelled the short distance to the Tyendinaga pow wow. This pow wow was special because it is where I’m from. It was a nice feeling getting to interact with members from Tyendinaga and it was great to see so many familiar faces either from individuals from the community itself or from other pow wows that we have travelled to.

We are happy that there was so many new faces coming to listen and learn about engineering. We had many students from the ages of two to thirteen stop by the booth to work on their building skills with either the blocks or straws and connectors that we set out to spark the imagination. We saw some benches, beds, a sled and even some pretty tall towers and house being created. Parents would also stop by and ask what our booth was promoting which was nice because it is always nice to answer any questions and the feedback and support from adults was really encouraging.

Tyendinaga 2

We had a great booth location as we were beside the ATAP booth which is a program that helps teachers teach native studies to their students as well as a booth from the community that was raffling off beautiful homemade benches in order to raise money for the nutrition program at Quinte Mohawk School. We were able to take a picture with one of the benches as well as with the woman who was raising the money, Rita Brant.

Tyendinaga 3

The weather cooperated and the overall pow wow atmosphere was amazing to be a part of.

We hope to be back next year! 

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