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Stories from the road: Walpole Island

The Walpole Island Pow Wow over the May 16th weekend was great! The Pow Wow was held inside the beautiful sports complex on the Walpole Island reserve, and there were tons of great people there.

Gillian and I headed out to the London area to go to the Pow Wow on this beautiful May long weekend. It was also my birthday weekend, and it was well spent with Gillian at the Pow Wow! There were tons of vendors and people there, and we were wonderfully dry in the sport complex. It was packed in there with so many people arriving, but no one minded.

It was great because this was our first official weekend at a Pow Wow for the summer. We got all of our fresh new colouring and comic books out, and talked to some excellent people about our program.

There were some very dedicated boys working on a rocket ship with our building supplies, and others who came by grabbed our books for a read. There was also another boy with some amazing regalia; it had the Autism Awareness symbol on it, with the signature puzzle pieces beaded onto it. I can’t even imagine the hours working on this unique piece of regalia; it was so colourful and beautiful.

Looking forward to the weekends ahead! See you at the next pow wow!

- Alyssa

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