Indigenous Math & Science

OISE: Deepening Knowledge

This database is a jackpot of resources for and about Indigenous education. It is operated by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. 

Kativik School Board

A really great virtual space with a lot of potential for use by teachers, students and other community members. Linked here is a selection of Inuktitut games online and for download, providing culturally based games in math, science and Inuktitut language learning. 

Math Cather: Mathematics Through Indigenous Storytelling

This resource provides short animated films following the adventures of a boy, Small Number and interlaces problem solving into his everyday experiences. 

Indigenous Perspectives in Education

The Manitoba government has compiled this educational resource list incorporating Indigenous perspectives into all kinds of lesson plans.

Indigenous Themed Lessons from the University of Regina

The University of Regina has developed a collection resources incorporating Indigenous culture into mathematics lessons plans, including drawing on traditional games for fun mathematical education.

Alaskan Native Ecology and Traditional Building

Listed here is a series of activities aimed at educating kids of wildlife and environmental conservation, while these activities are designed around Alaskan wilderness and culture, much of it can be applied or adapted to other communities.  

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

The Alaska Native Knowledge Network has a website where you can find some amazing science resources. They have a searchable index of culturally based curriculum resources. While some resources are written specifically to speak to students in Alaska, many are applicable to students living in other parts of the North. The resources are also wonderful models of how-to incorporate local customs and knowledge into a science programme.


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