Science Experiments

Quick and Easy Activities

Great place to find a collection of fun and educational science activities for pre-school to high school students like noodle structures, slinky science, elevator physics, lemon battery, how plastics are made, DNA extraction lab and a number of others. The activities are listed in alphabetical order making this Web site really easy to navigate.


Exploratorium gives teachers step-by-step instructions on how to create fun in-class science experiments on everything from recycling a Pringles potato chip can into a simple camera, to making very tiny lightning in the confines of a home or classroom.

Science Experiments

Visit Hunkin's Experiments to find cool cartoons that will have you experimenting with food, light, sound, objects, materials and a whole lot more! Cartoonist, broadcaster and engineer Tim Hunkin developed all the experiments you’ll find on this site.

Visit Tim Hunkin's other site, a cartoon encyclopedia called The Rudiments of Wisdom to find almost everything there is to know about a variety of topics such as Engineering, Materials, Science, Medicine, etc. A fun site to explore with your students!

Reeko's Mad Science Experiments

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab is an extremely fascinating Web site to explore! Find tons of free science experiments, such as "principles of flotation", "create your own hover craft" or "create an optical illusion". This Web site also includes a link called "weird science questions." In this link you can find answers to a variety of questions from students that you might find interesting.

Physics and Math Help

A collection of papers written to explain concepts in Math and Physics


Check out Funology - The Science of Having Fun. You'll find lots of fun, creative science activities, games, magic tricks, jokes & trivia. A great site for kids! The cool animal facts link is really interesting!


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