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Chas Meadows

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Program of study: 
When I first heard about engineering: 

I first heard about engineering during a career day in grade 10, but I didn't start considering it as a career until grade 12. 

Why I chose my school and program: 

I chose Queen's University after researching the engineering program that Queen's offers. I found out that the engineering program has many strengths, Queen's has some great traditions and I wanted to adventure outside of Winnipeg, where I've lived until moving here. 

What I like most about engineering: 

What I like most about engeering is the diversity of the material we are presented with, the challenges that are made to push us and the fantastic friends I've made from all the teamwork that comes with engineering. I feel as if I'm part of a great big family away from home. 

Where you will find me outside of classes: 

Outside of classes you will find me working on group projects and completing other work with friends in the ILC (Queen's Integrated Learning Centre).

My inspiration: 

I don't have a specific inspiration, but many of the great Queen's Engineering alumni inspire me with the amazing things they are doing, making me think that if I work hard enough that it could one day be myself.

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