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Tanis Worthy

Tanis Worthy with iron ring
Métis Nation of Ontario
Program of study: 
When I first heard about engineering: 

Honestly, when I first heard about engineering, it was the train engineer type. Eventually I learned it was more about design through different school projects.

Why I chose my school and program: 

I was originally trying to get away from Kingston having grown up there, but I realized that it was my perfect school and program. I instantly could feel at home on campus, and enjoyed how much community there was around Queen's and in engineering specifically.

What I like most about engineering: 

I like the ability to problem solve and think outside the box. All of the design courses were encouraging of finding new solutions by using innovation. I also like how engineering is based more on understanding and less on memorization. 

Where you will find me outside of classes: 

More often than not in the pool for Water Polo practice or lifeguarding.

My inspiration: 

My inspiration to engineer comes from a number of things. I love to learn, try new things, and problem solve. My grade 11 physics teacher was the first one who made engineering seem like a possibility for me, so I have to recognize him as a large influence on my decision to go into engineering.

2022 Update

Tanis graduated in 2016, and spent a year working for Tiree Innovations. In 2017 ,Tanis returned to school, to pursue a medical degree at McMaster University. She is currently a resident in orthopedic surgery.

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