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chemical - engineering

Chemical engineers work for a variety of companies that use chemicals to manufacture things we use everyday.

Chemical Engineers are involved in:

  • Developing unscratchable plastics for PlayStation or Nintendo game systems
  • Creating fade resistant dyes for jeans and clothing
  • Inventing new dyes to color toothpaste
  • Analyzing materials for sports equipment
  • Making sure that factories don't pollute our water, soil or air
In your community: 

Aboriginal peoples have a long history of using chemical processes to support life in the community. Tanning hides, dying materials, preserving foods are all good examples of chemical engineering.

As a chemical engineer you could look at ways traditional practice might be used to develop economic ventures for your community. You might also work within a local manufacturing firm to ensure its processes do no harm to the environment.


If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Inventing new things
  • Making discoveries
  •  Chemistry
  •  Helping others

 ...you might enjoy Chemical Engineering

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