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Electronic Systems

electronic systems engineering

Electronics engineers design, develop, test and maintain electronic parts and systems used in computers, communications, navigation, industry and entertainment.

An Electronics engineer may:

  • Design circuits for electronic fuel injectors
  • Program and operate computers to control thermostats all over a hospital
  • Develop computer parts for satellites which will withstand the harsh conditions of orbit
In your community: 

These days just about everything we use contains some kind of electronics: snowmobiles, televisions, computers and refrigerators all work because of electronic systems engineers. In your community what happens when these things break down? By studying to become an Electronic Systems Engineer you could help the people you know save money and get more use out of the electronics they buy.


If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Building things
  • Electronic Devices
  • Helping people

...you might enjoy Electronic Systems Engineering


If you want to study Electronic Systems Engineering, then you could go to the following universities:

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6, Canada

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