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Mark Green

Mark Green

Dr. Mark Green has been an engineer for over 20 years. He teaches engineering at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, the same place where he got his undergraduate degree. Teaching allows him to do two things he really enjoys - working with people and conducting scientific research.

In his research, Dr. Green studies the materials which are used for building structures like houses, skyscrapers and bridges. 

As a teacher, Dr. Green teaches classes, supervises student research and provides guidance to students about their classes and career paths. Teaching lets Dr. Green give back to the school community that helped make him an engineer. Giving back in important, and he believes that math and science education is an important way that he can also give back to the Indigenous community.

“It’s only by learning how to use technology that you can use it to benefit people in your community.  We need Aboriginal people who understand how (modern) technology fits in with or impacts traditional life. People who know about science and engineering have a valuable contribution to make in bringing that knowledge back to their communities.”

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