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Clayton Mullen

Clayton Mullen

Clayton Mullen decided to go into engineering because when he was young he "really loved computers and taking things apart and putting them back together again."

Clayton graduated from university in 2000 with a Master’s of Science degree in Software Engineering.  School was a challenge, because Clayton drove there for an hour and a half each way, two times every week, after work….for four years!  He got through by thinking of his goal, which was to become an engineer.

Clayton says his education has given him a whole new way of looking at the world and some amazing jobs, like working at 3M, the company that invented Scotch tape and post-it notes. He went on to create his own company called Objectified Software out of Vancouver. Clayton was very hands-on with his company, doing everything from making new software and selling the software.

“Science is a lot of fun,” says Clayton. “Take math and science classes, you won’t regret it.  Learning science gives you the chance to see other parts of the world and make a good living. More importantly, it can help you bring needed skills back to your community.”

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