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Glenn A. Hudson

Glenn Hudson

In 1997, Glenn graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Industrial Engineering.  Since then, he has worked for an oil company in Alberta called Syncrude Canada.

Glenn’s mother inspired him to go to university when she herself returned to school to study education.  In high school, Glenn though he too would become a teacher like his mother did. Then he began thinking that he would like a job that was both indoors and outdoors, and he liked math and science, so engineering seemed to be a better choice for him.

At Syncrude, Glenn makes sure that maintenance work is done well in order to keep the company’s work running at the best possible speed and production level. On his own time, Glenn promotes science and technology education to Indigenous youth in his area.

When Glenn had a hard time in high school, he always kept the end in mind.  He says that students should always follow their dreams, because dreaming put together with hard work allows you to realize your true potential.  He adds that, “Education will not only make a difference in your own life, but the life of others around you will also benefit from your achievements.  Knowledge and wisdom are great gifts that can ultimately help you lead a good life and enhance the lives of people in your community.”

In 2007, Glenn returned to Peguis First Nation and became chief.

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