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Biological and Biosystems

Biological and Biosystems engineering

Biological and Biosytems Engineers work with technology from different places and combine them with engineering design.


Biological and Biosystems engineers work with things like structures, machinery, energy, labor, land, water, and waste. These engineers give us products that are efficient and easy for us to use in our everyday lives. Biological and biosystems engineers:

  • Create new medicines like insulin, which is used to help people who have Diabetes to stay healthy
  • Study ways to make grass, woodchips and garbage into gas for cars

In your community

In order to make medicines, dyes, glue, fertilizer, pesticides and paint from plants and animals you must understand the way in which these things act with each other.

If you like...

  • Being creative
  • Problem solving
  • Inventing new things
  • Working with plants and animals
  • Biology
  • Helping the environment
  • Helping others

...then maybe you would like Biological and Biosystems Engineering!

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