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geotechnical oil engineering

Oil engineers work in finding oil. They are involved in such things as drilling new wells and watching that the oil is extracted properly.


Oil engineers deal with taking oil and gas from petroleum sites, called reserves or reservoirs.

Oil engineers:

  • Design and watch over the progress of an oil well. Oil wells dig deep into the Earth’s crust in search of petroleum
  • Figure out how to clean up oil spills and all other dangerous materials that affect the environment
  • Develop a way to remove oil from different sources, like the tar sands Alberta

In your community

A number of Aboriginal communities lie near existing or untapped oil and gas reserves. As land claims are settled, the communities in those areas will require the expertise of oil engineers in order to make good decisions about what to do with the oil reserves.

If you like...

  • Problem solving
  •  Being creative
  • Exploring the earth
  • Making discoveries
  • Working with people
  • Helping the environment

...you might like Oil Engineering!

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