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Plastics engineering

Plastics engineers study polymer materials. They also design machines used to shape plastics.


The outside casing of your iPod, your hockey helmet and the sole of your running shoes are all made from plastics.

Plastics engineers:

  • Design special soles for high performance athletic shoes
  • Figure out how to shape and mold plastics for car and other vehicle bodies
  • Design new plastics which won't become brittle in really cold weather
  • Develop plastics that are recyclable or even biodegradable

In your community

Plastic is one of the most common materials in everyday life. Like all materials it is used for a specific purpose. Using science, engineers can change the way plastics look, feel, and even their shape!

As a plastics engineer you could work with local artists to develop new materials they could use in their work. You could also help your community in maintaining their buildings. You could perhaps be the person to bring these building and structures to your own community.

If you like...

  • Being creative
  • Problem solving
  • Inventing new things
  • Making discoveries
  • Helping people
  • Protecting the environment

...you might like Plastics Engineering!

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