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Geotechnical - engineering - gas pipelines

Gas engineers work with natural gas reserves. They do things like determining the best spot for drilling new wells and operating gas plants.


Gas Engineers find natural gas in nature that we can use in our everyday lives. We use natural gas to heat our homes and schools.

Gas engineers:

  • Make sure there are no leaks in pipelines. Pipelines are what the gas flows through so it can be taken from place to place.
  • Research things such as corn and how it can be made into gas
  • Find new natural gas sites and decide how important they will be

In your community

Some Aboriginal communities are near both new and old oil and gas sites, called “reserves”. As a gas engineer you can help communities use these reserves for meaningful everyday use.

If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  •  Exploring the earth
  • Making discoveries
  • Working with people
  • Helping the environment

...you might like Gas Engineering!

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