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Integrated / Unified

Engineering Management - integrated/unified - construction workers

Integrated and Unified engineers follow a course in which they study all of the major engineering fields - civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical etc. Engineers with this kind of general background are well placed to work in many industries. Most will choose their area of work only after graduation.


Integrated and Unified engineers work with other engineers in different fields, depending on what kinds of projects they work on. They make sure that all the little parts of projects are put together so that it makes one big unified project.

Integrated / Unified engineers:

  • Manage construction sites- they make sure the whole project gets done
  • Test hunting and sports equipment so when it is sold in the stores it works to the best of the products’ ability
  • Look at how big projects like a dam will affect the local environment and community

In your community

In your community an Integrated or Unified engineer would be able to manage the day to day workings of the town. He or she would have the knowledge to look at new projects and decide whether they would be good for the community or not.

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