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Electromechanical Systems

Electromechanical Systems engineering

Electromechanical systems engineering focuses on all the things that make electrical and mechanical systems work together. People in this field often work for the automotive, power production or airline industries.


Electricity provides the power to run machines that people have designed.  Electromechanical systems engineers are the people who work on ways to make electricity work well with machines.

Electromechanical systems engineers:

  • Design tools that automatically fill engines with fuel so that they can run
  • Invent new ways videogames  can be played, like the Wii and the sensory system 
  • Create electronic timing machines that control roller coasters at amusement parks

In your community

Electromechanical engineers can work anyplace where electronic circuits are used to control mechanical systems. Communities which depend on logging and timber production, fishing and fish processing, or manufacturing industries absolutely require electromechanical engineers.

Electromechanical engineers work anyplace where you can find machines that are controlled by electricity. Communities that cut down and use trees or those that have a fishing industry need electromechanical engineers in order for everything to work properly. 

If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Building things
  • Making discoveries
  • Helping people

...you might like Electromechanical Systems Engineering!

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