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Material engineers

Materials engineers study materials, find new ways to work with them and develop new ones.


Materials engineers use science to create incredible new materials. For example, the oil industry requires material engineers because many modern materials, such as man-made rubber and plastics, are made from the by-products of oil. Other materials engineers may work in the automotive or aerospace industries. Those Materials engineers look at the heat resistant properties of ceramics for use in engines. Still others might study all the materials related to housing- insulation, bricks, wood, cement etc.

Materials engineers:

  • Create flame resistant cloth for Formula One racing suits
  • Develop high definition computer screens
  • Design lighter golf balls
  • Invented kevlar for bullet-proof vests, snowboards and cut-proof clothing

In your community

Do you use special wax on cross country skis to glide across the snow easier? How about styrofoam or fibreglass insulation to keep your house warm in the winter? Materials engineers helped developed these materials and many others.

Your community might have special needs in terms of the materials used to make roads or construct buildings. It might need someone who knows all about these materials. These are all jobs which could be filled by a materials engineer.

If you like...

  • Being creative
  • Problem solving
  • Inventing new things
  • Making discoveries
  • Helping people
  • Protecting the environment

...you might like Materials Engineering!

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