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Food engineers

Food engineers apply engineering to make raw food into safe food products of the highest possible quality. They work in food processing.


Because “we are what we eat”, food engineers make sure the food that we eat is safe for ourselves and our families.

Food engineers:

  • Develop ways to preserve food longer
  • Create ways to keep our food fresh for longer periods of time
  • Invent new cooking technologies such as high-powered pizza ovens
  • Improve food transportation vehicles like ice cream trucks

In your community

How does your food reach your table? Can you buy local products to help the environment? Can you get these products to your neighbouring cities without it going bad?

Food engineering could be an appetizing job for you. As a food engineer you can create a new process for shipping local foods to other parts of the country or even around the world.

If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Playing with your food
  • Keeping the environment clean
  • Helping others

...then you might like Food Engineering!

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