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Civil-Engineering - building

Building engineers know about all parts of the life cycle of a building. They identify problems and find solutions to improve life within the built environment.


Building engineers help fix old buildings, like the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. They also help design new buildings, like the First Peoples House at University of Victoria

Building engineers construct homes, offices, and even arenas! Building engineers are important people because they are responsible for the safety of all who enter their buildings. They need to make sure that every structure is strong and safe for people to go into.

Building engineers:

  • Plan buildings
  • Fix old buildings to keep them safe
  • Make buildings comfortable to live and work in by making them warm or cool enough inside

In your community

Sometimes it is not safe to live inside an old building or structure. Building engineers make sure the environment you live in is safe. This means that it is stable and it is mold free!

Do the homes in your community need better lighting? Does the community centre have the right amount of fire exits? These are all things that a local building engineer can help with in your town or city.

If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Working with tools
  • Making Models
  • Playing with Lego
  • Helping others

...you might like Building Engineering!

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