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Industrial / Manufacturing

Industrial / Manufacturing engineers

Industrial and Manufacturing engineers use their training to help companies improve themselves. Industrial engineers work with the organizing of a company, while Manufacturing engineers work on the process of making things. Their knowledge allows them to work in almost every type of business.


Industrial engineers plan, organize, watch over and manage the everyday running of factories. They do their job so factories are safe, and that both the people that work there and the energy it needs are properly running.

Industrial engineers:

  • Figure out how to produce a Nintendo DSI more quickly
  • Make sure fish processing plants are as safe as they can be
  • Watch over the assembly line at a car plant. An assembly line is where cars are put together part by part.

In your community

Aboriginal communities can use Industrial and Manufacturing engineers to create local industries. As an Industrial or Manufacturing engineer you could help your community send locally made products all across the country!

As an Industrial/Manufacturing engineer you could:

  • Design a factory for locally made things
  • Make sure that all factories in the area are as safe as they can be
  • Be in charge of buying products for the community and tribal/band council

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