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chemical - engineering

Chemical engineers use chemistry, math and physics to design and use equipment to make chemical products. The fibers in clothing, soaps and detergents, leather, paints and plastics are all designed and produced by chemical engineers.


Chemical engineers work for different companies that use chemicals to make things that we use every day

Chemical engineers:

  • Make unscratchable plastics for your PlayStation or XBox game systems
  • Create dyes that are used in your jeans and other clothes that do not fade
  • Invent new dyes to color toothpaste
  • Study the materials used to make sports equipment
  • Make sure that factories don't pollute our water, soil or air

In your community

Aboriginal peoples have a long history of using chemical processes to help the daily lives of people in their community. For example, tanning animal hides, dying clothing, preserving foods are all things that chemical engineers do.  

As a chemical engineer you can find traditional ways that would better your community, or you could work in your community to make sure chemicals do not hurt the environment. 

If you like...

  • Problem solving
  • Being creative
  • Inventing new things
  • Making discoveries
  •  Chemistry
  •  Helping others

 ...you might like Chemical Engineering!

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